For Quick Weight Loss Combine Proteins With These Foods

For Quick Weight Loss Combine Proteins With These Foods

Whenever, we talk about weight loss, a well-balanced nourishing diet is always preferred. But at the same time, we all know that proteins and fibre help you lose weight fast. This is because they help in boosting metabolism, curbing your hunger pangs and thereby preventing you from overeating in the next meal. The nutrient protein also helps you keep satiated for a long time. Time and again, nutritionist and health experts have claimed that no single food or drink can help in weight loss. Therefore, it becomes important for us to combine two or three healthy foods which can help accelerate our weight loss goals. Combining proteins with some healthy carbohydrates or fibre can help in quick weight loss. In this article, we will talk about such food combinations.


Time and again, nutritionist and health experts have claimed that no single food or drink can help in weight loss.
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Combining proteins with these foods can help in quick weight loss:

1. Eggs and whole grain bread

Whole eggs are rich in proteins and should be a part of your weight loss diet. Eggs are an amazing source of protein(contains all the essential amino acids) making it a killer weight loss friendly food. You can eat whole eggs with whole grain bread to make it a perfect nutritious breakfast. This healthy breakfast will give a kick start to your day.

2. Legumes and rice

Legumes are again a quality source of protein but lack one or two essential amino acids. You can combine legumes with brown rice in order to make it a complete meal rich in proteins.

3. Yoghurt and fruits

The common dairy product yoghurt is a great source of the mineral calcium and protein. Combine yoghurt with some fresh fruits to make a nice homemade smoothie which can be eaten as a evening snack also. You can even add some nuts and seeds rich in protein and fibre to enhance the flavour and nutritional value. Proteins in yoghurt and fibre in fruits will help you shed those extra kilos really fast.

4. Chicken and vegetables

Chicken is an amazing source of protein as it contains all the essential amino acids. You can make a chicken salad with some non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, peas and beans. You can even stir fry these vegetables and add chicken to it. Vegetarians and vegans, can use tofu or cottage cheese to make this healthy dish.

5. Chickpeas and whole eggs

Rich in proteins and fibre, chickpeas go well with eggs as well. You can boil some chickpeas and eat it with scrambled eggs. In order to enhance the flavour of the dish, you can even add some onion, coriander leaves and a pinch of lemon juice. This delicious dish rich in proteins will keep you full for a long time.

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