How Rummy Comes to Your Aid When All Other Forms of Entertainment Fail?

When you are headed for a picnic or a family gathering, you need some mode of entertainment that everyone will enjoy equally. This is where Indian rummy comes to your rescue. This is a game that people of all age groups enjoy very much. There are also some special benefits that this card game offers which other common modes of entertainment does not offer you. Here we have listed out the different ways in which Rummy scores over the common games for entertainment during gatherings.

Dumb Charades Vs Rummy

You will surely find people play this unique game during family gatherings and get-togethers. In this game, one player has to enact a movie name or song given to him while other participants have to guess the movie name. The problem with this game is that each player needs to be well versed with movie names. While not all players are good at acting, they maybe forced to act at least one movie name. This can be tiresome for those who have stage fear. Since rummy games do not require you to face an audience, it maybe a preferred choice for individuals with stage fear.

Chinese Whisper Vs Rummy

People usually enjoy this game because of the hilarious sentences that each individual recollects. However, playing this game requires a good deal of memory and pronunciation skills that everyone may not possess. That is why every individual may not love the game of Chinese Whisper equally. Here again rummy scores a point as this game is easy to learn and grasp. Anyone can learn rummy in a jiffy.

Lotto Vs Rummy

Lotto or housie is a favourite game played in all Indian gatherings. The game relies solely on luck. If you are lucky, you may win a few prizes but if you are unlucky, you may not get anything and lose the money you spent on tickets. The game does not require any specific skill or talent. This is the reason why most people choose rummy over lotto during festivals and gatherings.

28 Vs Rummy

In South India, 28 card game is extremely popular. In this game, four players are allowed to play on one table. The game clearly tests your probability skills and gaming abilities. It is not a game that anyone can learn and play. This game is difficult to learn and that is why there are fewer fans of this unique card game. Even when you are carrying playing cards on a journey, few will give you company for a round of 28. Rummy is a much more popular game.

Antakshari Vs Rummy

India is a fan of Bollywood movies. That is why most people enjoy Antakshari and similar other games. In this game, a player sings a song from some Bollywood film. The next player has to sing a song that starts with the last letter of the previous song. This way the chain continues. The players can win in this game only if they have a strong grasp on Bollywood film songs. This reduces the number of players who would enjoy this game during gatherings. Here again, rummy scores a few extra points due to its simplicity.

It does not matter whether you play the game online or offline, rummy still remains the first choice among players. Play rummy online on KhelplayRummy and enjoy the different variations of the game with just an internet connection.